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HACK KNIT – Sportschuh Herren

Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello’s Official Footwear

Light woven fabric: lightweight, high breathability and flexibility.

„Non-stitching“ technology: It provides breathability, flexibility and „glove“ effect.

Rear stabilizer: It prevent kinks holding the foot in lateral movements.

Rubber toe: Reinforcing piece, sewn and glued to the sole. Abrasion high resistance.

Ortholyte: Wicks away the moisture. Air flow a cool foot. Long lasting cushioning.

Insole: EVA rubber with textile reinforcement. It enhances cushioning and comfort.

Midsole: Injected phylon, low density. It provides comfort, cushioning and durability.

Central stabilizer: improves balance and strengthens the central arch foot structure.

Heel cushioning „bp fluid“: Shock absorption. Attenuates shock during impact.

Sole shield: Higher sole on the sides and toe, to ward off blows with walls.

Herringbone sole: High density rubber sole. It allows grip and foot flexion. 3mm.

Rotation disc: located in the sole that favors the quick turns.

Sizes: 40 – 46                 Color: 003 red

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