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Type of player: Adult expert player.
Control/Power: Balance.
Product Advantage: Designed for intensive players seeking a perfect balance between power and control


Weight: 365-380 grs.
Core thickness: 38 mm.
Profile thickness: 38 mm.
Balance: Medium.
Head shape: Round.
Outher core: Glaphite.
Inner core: BlackEva.
Frame: Tubular 100% carbon + 2 densities nylon frame protector.

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Wing frame distributes equally the racket weight over the surface providing a perfect balance between power and control. Siliflex polymers in combination with the Blackeva rubber provides an excellent gameplay. It has a protective Nylon with densities and 7 anchorages.

Developed with specific density and elasticity to give the player maximum comfort and sensation in the hit. The composition provides high memory rubber maintaining the same recovery and rebound parameters over the time.

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Gewicht 0.5 kg
Größe 50 x 30 x 5 cm

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